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Game Title:
What Lies Underground

Point & Tap Puzzle Adventure

Positronic Studios


Release Date:
Coming Autumn 2018

Android and iOS


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Development Duration:
4 years

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About the game

ATTENTION PUZZLE GAMERS! What Lies Underground is a point and tap puzzle adventure for Android and iOS. Waking far from home in an unknown place, POINT, TAP, PUZZLE and EXPLORE to access something DEEPER within.

Can you discover the SECRET underground entrance?

Driven under cover of darkness, the player awakes at a mystery location. They exit the limo with a cryptic message from the redhead driver. An enigmatic group has set puzzles, designed not to arouse unwanted attention. The player must explore their surroundings, use objects and solve puzzles to uncover the hidden underground entrance.

Inspired by puzzle adventures both old and new, What Lies Underground is the work of solo developer Stu Bowes. His aim was to make a colourful puzzle adventure using physically accurate details. A lot of research went into its creation, from 3D models made to scale, to information about the rigging of ships and nesting birds.

What Lies Underground is notable for the attention to detail; colourful graphics made in a near realistic style, sound effects recorded for the game and haunting immersive music composed with a mixture of digital and live instruments.

Every effort went to capture real sounds that mirror actions on screen. Birdsong was recorded in a wooded area in rural Worcestershire, which you hear in the outdoor scenes.

What Lies Underground places the camera in a static first person perspective, immersing the player as though they are there.

About the developer
Stu has a BSc in Physics; this certainly helped when creating the materials and lighting for the 3D graphics. He also wrote the code, recorded and edited the sound effects, composed the music and played some of the instruments.


  • 78 colourful game screens to explore and puzzle over.
  • Original soundtrack featuring live and digital instruments.
  • Over 180 sound effects recorded exclusively for the game.
  • 16 in game achievements.
  • Inventory Screen for inspecting objects.
  • Zoom Screen to read in game documents and books.
  • Text descriptions allowing people with hearing impairement or colour blindness to solve puzzles that rely on sounds or colours.
  • Flexibility in puzzle completion order.


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